1. The purpose of the Bluffs Referral Exchange Group is to promote the business interests of the members of the group through referrals.

2. A board shall be elected from the membership at the Annual Meeting in September.

  • a.  The Board shall consist of five voting members and one nonvoting member (Group Coordinator).
  • b.  The Board members may serve two year terms. A Board member cannot serve more than two consecutive terms unless voted upon by the membership and approved with a majority vote. Any Board member that does not complete his/her term will be replaced by a Board appointed member. The initial five voting members will have two members serving for one year and three members serving for two years.
  • c.  The Coordinator will serve a one year term and can be re-elected by a majority of the voting members present at the Annual Meeting. He/she will be responsible for calling Board meetings, and vote at the Board meeting only to break tie votes by the Board and conduct monthly meetings.
  • d.  An Assistant Coordinator may be hired by the Board to help with the duties of the Coordinator, such as sending invitations or other mailings, and calling or receiving calls from members. Compensation shall be determined by the Board. The Assistant Coordinator shall be required to attend monthly meetings.
  • e.  A Secretary will be elected from the voting members of the Board annually or a Secretary will continue unless notice is given to the Board. The Secretary will keep minutes and provide the minutes for the newsletter.
  • f.  A Nominating Committee will be created annually, consisting of two Board members and two group members.
  • g.  The Board is to meet a minimum of three times a year.
  • h. The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining the bank account for the purpose of paying BREG expenses, receiving membership fees, and keeping BREG records, and be accountable to the board.

3. No decisions will be made, including membership into BREG, without a quorum of the Board. The quorum shall be a minimum of three voting members. All decisions shall require a majority vote of the Board members present at the meeting.

4. A non-refundable membership fee will be set by the Board annually. Special assessments may be necessary during the year for added group projects, additional printing, etc. Any such special assessments, must be brought to the group’s attention a minimum of fourteen days prior to the next monthly meeting to be voted on by the members present at that meeting. Dues will be prorated according to the month they join.

5. BREG requests each member nominate a minimum of one new member annually. It is essential that prospective members be nominated not only for their standing and reputation in the community, but also for their ability to attend BREG meetings.

6.  Membership is to be limited to one representative of any occupation or type of service. Maximum membership to be determined by the Board.

7.  The qualifications for membership are as follows:

  • a.  Prospective members cannot be a duplicate type of service or occupation of any existing member.
  • b.  Prospective members must have been in the same type of service or occupation for the last thirty -six (36) consecutive months. Subject to a majority vote of the Board, this requirement can be waived for good cause.

8. Election of New Members:

  • a.  The name(s) of the prospective member(s) shall be presented orally to the Executive Board to determine eligibility based on the criteria set forth in paragraph 8 herein.
  • b.  The name(s) of the eligible prospective member(s) shall be submitted to the Club at the next regular meeting.
  • c.  A member objecting to the proposed member must come forth to state said objections(s) before the next scheduled Executive Board meeting. The Executive Board shall review the objection.
  • d.  After having received and reviewed any objection(s) from the membership or if no objections are received, the Board will vote on membership as set forth in paragraph 8c.

9.  All members must complete a membership form.

10.  Monthly Referral Exchange meetings shall be held the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 P.M.

11.  All members are expected to attend a minimum of six Referral Exchange meetings annually. The Board reserves the right to review membership of any member not attending the minimum number of meetings.

12. Each member shall host or co-host a monthly Exchange meeting annually.

  • a.  Each member shall be prepared at the Annual Meeting in September, to schedule their monthly Exchange meeting or have it scheduled for them by the Coordinator.
  • b.  Hosts or co-hosts will be expected to have a five minute presentation regarding the service they provide.
  • c. Each member is to be prepared to report the referrals that they have received from and given to other members.
  • d.  When a member joins 6 months after the new BREG year, they will be exempt from hosting that year.
  • e.  Members who confirm they will attend and do not attend will be assessed $10.00 charge payable to BREG. (If the count has already been turned in). Members who attend and have not confirmed will be expected not to have dinner.

13. A newsletter will be published to make the membership aware of highlights, special news, changes, etc., of each member.

  • a.  Mandatory items in each newsletter shall be the agenda at the next monthly meeting, minutes of the last meeting, a current Treasurer’s report, and attendance of the last meeting.
  • b.  Subject to annual review by the Board, the publisher of the newsletter will be compensated for his/her time per month.

14. No Group problems will be discussed at the monthly Exchange meetings. Members shall present any problems or concerns in writing, by phone, or in person to the Board for consideration. The Board will report to the membership the results of any complaints presented. Any complaint shall be discussed by the Board and the Board shall have discretion on how to deal with said complaint. A business that has a complaint launched against it shall have the opportunity to remedy the complaint. A subsequent complaint could be grounds for the Board requesting said business to resign from the group.

15. By-laws can be amended by a simple majority of the voting members present at the Annual Meeting.