The Best of the Bluffs was founded in 1990 by a group of area business people and was known as “The Team Network”.  The name was changed in 1992 and took the name of Bluffs Referral Exchange Group (BREG).  They understood that the best way for people to contact a reliable business or service when they need one is by referral, that is, asking a friend to recommend a business they know will do a good job.  But, if their friends do not happen to know of any business to fill the need, the person is left with taking a chance on an unknown to handle their important job.  The Best of the Bluffs is your “good neighbor” in the business community with at least 25-30 members selected on their reputation for quality service at a fair price.  Each member of The Best of the Bluffs knows that in order to be referred by the organization, high standards must be maintained.  The survival of The Best of the Bluffs depends on one thing, the satisfaction of you the customer.